Sunday, October 28, 2007

Highlights: Prairie Warbler, Pine Grosbeak, and Hoary Redpoll (photo)

The birding was relatively slow again today. The sparrows have slowed down and the winter birds have not yet really kicked in. The exception continues to be redpolls. Common Redpoll flocks are widespread around the Point and multiple Hoary Redpolls were at the feeders today. Three male and one female Pine Grosbeak were feeding in shrubs today, previous reports have all been fly overs. Red Crossbills were seen flying over today. Snow Buntings continue to be seen daily, best bet for these guys is on the beach out at the tip. Keith and Wendy found a Prairie Warbler this afternoon. One has to assume it the same bird from the 21st, but it did appear brighter than that bird. Cory had a Black-legged Kittiwake from the waterbird count today.

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Anonymous said...

My name is phil I was at the Point that day (10-28-07) and met Chris Neri and a couple of his freinds. They told me about the blogs on this website and mentioned that Chris had the best pictures. Your right he does. Any how the group was very friendly and informative. That hasen't always been my exsperence with Birder's of their calliber. Or what I consider experts. There down to earth nature is refreshing and encourages me to spend more time in the feild honning my birding abilities. Buy the why Rocko my wifes german short haired pointer would share he cookies with you anytime. Phil