Sunday, May 18, 2008

Recent Highlights: Say's Phoebe, Western Tanager, Harlequin Duck, Little Gull, Marsh Wren, Black-backed Woodpecker, Boreal Chickadee.

The songbird diversity has picked up over the last week. The warblers are not in full swing, but sightings have included; Cape May, Black + White, Northern Parula, Blackburnian, Blackpoll, Orange-crowned, Black-throated Blue, and Ovenbird (photo below). There was a large movement of White-crowned Sparrows and a decent movement of Swamp and Lincoln's Sparrow. The Blue Jay numbers have really increased, the flock has pushed 2,000 this week. Merlins (photo above) and Sharp-shinned have really been giving them hell. Orioles, Rose-breasted + Evening Grosbeaks, Brown Thrasher, and Northern Mockingbird were also present this week. The owl banding continues to be productive and we've banded over 1,000 this spring, see the owl blog for more info.

Butterflies: Hoary Elfin

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