Monday, September 7, 2015

Highlight: 2 Western Kingbirds & 2 Willets
       It was an odd day with a slow start, then a big wave of songbirds, then quiet again, then really nice activity again in the afternoon. The first big wave made it right out to the waterbird shack where waterbird counter Eric Ripma picked out not one, but two Western Kingbirds who hung around the Point for a while, often perching together in the same tree. Shorebirds were slow for Eric, but among the few that were present were two Wilets. Shortly after the Kingbirds arrived there were suddenly hundreds of songbirds flying around just behind the waterbird shack. That large wave of birds dispersed surprisingly quickly and birding the woods was pretty hit and miss into the afternoon with some long lulls. It really picked up later in the day when a very nice mixed flock was found. It was nice that Eric was able to come in after the count and get some good birding in a help me pick things out of the large flock. Sightings today included Tennessee, Magnolia, Cape May, Blackpoll, Bay-breasted, Magnolia, Wilson's and Pine Warblers. Other sightings today included Northern Goshawk, Hermit and Swainson's Thrush, Blue-headed, Red-eyed and Philadelphia Vireo and Scarlet Tanager.
One of today's two Western Kingbirds and a Nashville Warbler
Northern Goshawk
Most Bay-breasted Warblers don't make it this easy to
to identify them in the fall. 
Chris Neri

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