Friday, November 16, 2007

Highlights: White-winged Crossbill

Well, the official field seasons for 2007 came to an end yesterday. Nova and I will however be here until mid December. We will continue birding the Point and will periodically post sightings. A few new birds for the season were spotted by Nova over the last few days; Eastern Bluebird and Cooper's Hawk. There have been no big changes in the woods, but the feeders continue to be productive. Feeder birds have included Northern Cardinal, Pine & Evening Grosbeak, and Common & Hoary Redpoll. The above photo is of a Red-tailed Hawk.
For those who may be interested, I will be posting some of my favorite photos taken at the Point this spring, summer and fall. This will take a bit of sorting and editing, but I hope to start getting some up in a week or so.


Chuck Anderson said...

Will the feeders at the point be maintained until mid-December as well?

Also, what sort of numbers are you seeing with the Grosbeaks?

Kathi said...

EXCELLENT PHOTOS!! wow!! i am particularly fond of the birds of prey, and i enjoy seeing your shots HERE because.. well.. all it tells me really [as a beginner] is that the red-tails have too many different colorations to tell them apart from the other hawks their size right away.. LOL!
gorgeous pictures and thanx for posting them!!
Kathi in Brimley
p.s. are there any counters/watchers up there still or is the whole place shut down for winter now??