Friday, November 23, 2007

I have begun posting some of my photos, from this and previous seasons at the Point, at the bottom of the page. We would also like to encourage people to post comments about the blogs at this time. Cory, Keith, Wendy, and I were amazed by the positive feedback we recieved on the blogs from visitors this fall. It was particulary amazing to have people from as far away as North Carolina visit and tell us that they had been checking our posts. This is the first season there has been official WPBO staff blogs, we would like to continue this. It would be helpful if WPBO board members could see positive feedback, so please post comments if you would like to see these real time updates from the Point continue. As I post this, I'm hoping people are still checking this blog.....Hello?.......Hello?


Squid said...

Hey Chris,

Definitely appreciated the blogs, great to know what's up at the Point if we can't be there every day. I know I checked it almost every day this season, hoping for something good to show up (and stick around!) Anyway, thanks for keeping everyone updated!

David Bell
Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Neil Blok said...

The blogs were greatly appreciated and routinely checked by myself and others here in the Kalamazoo area.

Thanks for the effort, and the great photos!

Neil Blok

Anonymous said...

Keep blogging! I use your sightings to gage on what kind of birds to watch out for here in Duluth.

Mike Hendrickson
Duluth, MN

Jack and Bev Kirby said...

Hi Chris: We have enjoyed all of your photos and just read your blogs. Have checked in with Cory Gregory's blog all fall, and met with him at the waterbird shack one Sunday. Keep up the good work.

Mike from Cleveland said...


Your blogs helped me to decide to spend the holiday birdchasing up your way. I enjoyed meeting you and Nova and appreciate the hard work you're doing there. My guess is that a lot of us, through you, are vicariously enjoying the many seasons of birds at the Point.

Best of luck and I hope to see you again before long.

- Mike
(4 lifers in 3 days)

Anonymous said...

Anxiously awaiting updates for 2008--enjoying all the photos and blogs- keep the info coming. Thanks so very much.

Jim and Yvonne
Ithaca, MI