Friday, August 28, 2009

Black-backed Woodpecker

Highlights: Black-backed Woodpecker & lots of warblers

There was a lot of activity in the woods today. There were literally hundreds of Nashville Warblers, I don't remember ever seeing so many of one species of warbler other than Yellow-rumpeds. There were also more Black-throated Green Warblers than I ever remember seeing in a day. Other warblers included Yellow, Magnolia, Cape May, Yellow-rumped, Blackburnian, Palm, Black & White, American Redstart, & Wilson's. Other sightings included Black-backed Woodpecker, Red-eyed Vireo, & White-throated, White-crowned, & Lincoln's Sparrows. Numbers of Red-breasted Nuthatch, American Robin, & Purple Finch also picked up a bit today. Really a fun day in the woods.

Blackburnian Warbler

Lincoln's Sparrow

Peregrine Falcon

The above Peregrine landed in the brush pile next to the waterbird shack within about 25 feet of Tom and me. We were shocked to look up and see it that close.

Compton's Tortoiseshell

Butterflies: White Admiral, American Copper, Monarch, Compton's Tortoiseshell, & Northern Pearly Eye.

Chris Neri

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