Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not sure
The above duck was on the net house pond today. We're leaning towards Redhead, but we're really not positive about the identification of this bird and would appreciate any comments. Otherwise the woods were relatively quiet. Sightings today included Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Nashville, Cape May, Yellow-rumped & Black-throated Green Warblers, and Clay-colored Sparrow.

Nashville Warbler

Semipalmated Plover
Chris Neri


Andy N said...

You have no idea how happy I am you guys didn't know what that duck is. I stared at the picture for like 5 minutes before I gave up and scrolled down.

Tom said...

I had young duck that looked almost EXACTLY like that bird in the same pond, about the same time of year, in the fall of 2006.

When I get home tonight I'll dig out the photo I took and check the date.

I think I went with Redhead at the time.